About Private Angel

privateangel-fullbluePrivate Angel is one of two Austin-based production labels owned by DBM Entertainment. Along with its sister label, Atticus Records, Private Angel develops and/or co-ventures creative projects, providing a wide range of services to working, professional music and creative recording artists. Both labels are open to an eclectic range of projects, including podcast and radio series productions. 

Private Angel Records was first formed in 2003 as a vehicle to release Soul Diving, the debut record from Rick Busby, Soul Diving, which was recorded and mixed by Austin-based producer Mark Addison. Soul Diving went on to receive two nominations at the 2004 Texas Music Academy awards, one for Addison as Producer of the Year, while the track “Pray” picked up a nod for Song of the Year.

In the fall of 2011, Busby was given the opportunity to record his second full length album, and engaged musician-producer, Stephen Doster to produce the record at EAR Studios in Austin. During the sessions, the seeds were first sown to venture with Doster and entrepreneur Monte McWilliams to form what would become DBM Entertainment and also Atticus Records. Private Angel released Strawberry Moon in late 2012 and the venture with DBM Entertainment and Atticus Records came to fruition until 2014. Both labels are administrated and managed by DBM Entertainment, which also hosts the online retail store for the labels’ respective catalogs and merchandise.

After the merger with DBM and Atticus, Private Angel released journeyman songwriter Bob Cheevers, tenth album, On Earth As It Is In Austin in late 2014, and is currently producing the new podcast series, Soul Diving With Rick Busby, is open to co-venture projects with working artists who have a viable business model but may need the support services a label can provide. If you have a project you think is worthy, please send us an email inquiry to the attention of Private Angel A&R through our contact page, and we will be in touch to discuss it with you.