Private Angel’s Network

Thank you for your interest in Private Angel. If you wish to stay in touch with Private Angel’s artists and projects, we invite you to sign up for the mail list in the footer at the bottom of this page. We also invite you to check out our partner and affiliate sites for other great music, podcasts and branded merchandise.

Rick Busby Music: The music website for Private Angel recording artist and podcast producer, Rick Busby, featuring current news, music, productions and calendar for his musical performance and speaking engagements.

Soul Diving with Rick Busby: The website for writer, speaker and podcast host & producer, Rick Busby, featuring his writings on a wide range of metaphysical topics exploring creativity as a spiritual path, as well as the podcast series Soul Diving with Rick Busby.

Stephen Doster Music: The music website for Atticus Records recording artist-producer, Stephen Doster featuring current news, music, productions and calendar.

Atticus Records: Austin-based entertainment label and home to recording artist, Stephen Doster and the music podcast, The Atticus Report.

The Atticus Report: The website for the music podcast series The Atticus Report produced by Austin-based, Atticus Records.

DBM Entertainment: The parent company for Private Angel and Atticus Records, and the online store for all CDs, vinyl and merchandise for both labels, including both podcast series, The Atticus Report and Soul Diving with Rick Busby.

Nerdycat Designs: Website for graphic designer and web programmer, Kianna Chauntis, who handles all of the websites mentioned above. Check her out for your projects.